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General Presentation of Heating Rail

Heating Rail is a revolutionary new product on the market responding for people demands all over the world who want to use heating systems based on nano carbon technology with the latest achievements, enjoying lower power comsuption with faster response time and higher comfort.

Heating Rail is the new generation of heating films, major advantage is that it can be used safely under ceramic tiles built in concrete mortar. This is mainly possible because Heating Rail is complately waterproof.

Product Introduction

After relentless research and development, the heating rail has been completed with state­ of-the-art technology and high quality, overcoming the problems-namely, lack of safety, inefficiency, short life, and unhealthy effects of conventional electric heating devices. For the last five years, this product has been recognized and exported globally (US, Russia, Europe, China etc.).

Product Features

  1. 100% safety from water and fire
  2. Energy-saving technology
  3. Semi-permanent life
  4. Helps with health improvement
  5. Beneficial for constructors, building owner, and customers

Product Usage

Heating for house and commercial building
Heating for publc, welfare,and accommodation facilities
Wet floor heating

Heating Rail

Global answer to environmentally-friendly heating

Infrared radiation- excellent for construction, economy,safety, and health
Heating Rail, developed by G.T after seven years of trial and error, has uses heating medium made from carbon material rather than normal wire or pipe and 90.06% of infrared radiation, which can help to improve skin, scar, immunity, bloodl circulation and general health, relieve stress,and prevent many diseases. The radiation heating system of Heating Rail raises the floor temperature (conduction, radiation) and, at the same time, warms up the upper part of air for quicker and more consistent heating effects. Also, compared to heating film, which is a popular heating appliance, it uses 50% less electricity but has higher conduction rate. In addition, the system automatically controls when the temperature reaches 70'C and is also safe in the water thanks to the sheath, although normal floor heating has high risk of electric shock. And it is semi-permanently durable as well as easy for construction.
Customers can install the product without professional knowledge or technique. Particularly, Heating Rail allows for rapid heating wiith the high-efficiency system and customers can choose the finishing material. It also saves additional costs for labor and maintenance because there is no need for boiler room, etc. Heating Rail also allows for over 30m of connection in series, which is convenient for heating a large space.The 96% of infrared radiation rate can be useful for stalls,agricultural purposes, frozen road, garden, aquarium, stone bed, and sauna, helping the product' s popularity spread nationwide.

Key Elements of Heating Rail (Excellent Quality)

  1. Safety
    • Safe from water and humidity (completely waterproof - Safe in water (100% waterproof test)
    • Withstand voltage (under-water test)
      • Although the finish is applied after completely drying it, the product is safe from humidity for use
    • Safe from fire – no risk of overheating
      • Maximum temperature control and wet concrete mortar technology are adopted
  2. Energy-saving technology
    • About 35% of electric power is saved as the temperature rises with the initial power, which increases resistance and reduces electric flow (core technology of GT)
    • G.T’s essential technology that separates molecular structure)
      *According to external statistics, 350w per 3.3m2 of operating power is used on average– up to 50 percent of energy saved.

  3. Durability
    • Apart from the wire that sends electric current, connection in parallel among heating elements is important. However, this product adopted special double sheath so that, even if there is a crack in concrete, the sheath will not get peeled off or cut. (Patented product)
    • Overall material is nonferrous metals, and, therefore, has long life. (semi-permanent)
  4. Health benefits and heating efficiency
    • Concrete mortar design allows for convection (air) heating.
    • Normal electric heating tends to heat only the floor
    • The heating effect is maximized by far-infrared radiation heating.
    • This product also has the effect to get rid of sick house syndrome or odor caused by bacteria
  5. Advantage for construction design
    • Design to reduce the load on the building
      • About 30mm of construction including mortar and finishing on the insulator
      • 40% less support electricity; 50% less electricity fees per month

Overal Conclusion:

Heating Rail has been perfected by attaining various mechanical and technological patents as well as safety and durability, as an energy-saving heating device.

This product promises to contribute to people's living environment, health, safety, and the environment

Specification of Heating Rail

Used Materials

  1. Insulation; Heat reflective insulation: thickness 5 ~ 10mm, the thermal conductivity: 0.031kcal/mh ℃, Na Class
  2. Heating rails; Carbon Poly Tube 830 * 5mm, the initial power 450w / 1 Pyeong, rated power 300w / 1 Pyeong
  3. Mortar; Use Remitar or regular mortar (Ratio: 1:3).
  4. Temperature controller; Silence for sleeping (2 kW, 4 kW), regular sound (4 kW) Central management system main control box or Communication Controller
  5. Others; 2 types of box tapes, connection sleeve, waterproof tape, wire, tool set (It is important to use standard materials and tools.)

Construction sequence and procedures

  1. Clean until there is no foreign materials in the bottom surface (The construction of bubble concrete or compressed Styrofoam thicker than 5cm are recommended)
  2. Install using our insulation materials of 5 ~ 10mm thickness without gaps. Install on the edge with a gap of approximately 5cm. Use tape for insulation joints (5cm).
  3. When arraying cut heating rails on insulation, array them at intervals of 5-15cm (10) and for the edge, array with gap of 5 cm from insulation materials.
  4. Connect heating rails in single connection or multiple-connection, heat the connection sleeve for the primary waterproof treatment, apply the water tape doubly and then use vise tools for the second waterproof treatment.
  5. Install on the proper places through the electrical connection to the controller and check the disconnected wire, and use through operating from gear 1–gear 10, without tem temperature controller.
  6. Inspect the installation gaps for each heating rail, check the cable connection, measure the disconnected wires by tester, supply the power and check the heat using hands.
  7. Pour approximately 20-30mm mortar and plaster the floor to maintain the smoothness. (For wide area, Anti-crack mash can be applied)
  8. After 2-5 days of drying mortar, connect the electric power (basic cure) for re-drying for 2-3days. And then, install the finishing materials (Complete drying at gear 10)
    (The cause of internal moisture drying inside the mortar/Make sure to check when inspecting the status of insulation)

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