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Divers Design S.R.L is specialized in wholesale and installation of far-infrared ray heating systems, like Infra Panels and Carbon Films, but we also provide electrical heating solutions for outdoor heating.

Heating Film is leading a new innovation in underfloor heating systems. This special carbon film also can be used for creating an invisible ceiling heating system.

We supply with the best infra-red heating film which is well received by customers in Romania and neighbor countries.

What is heating film?

heating film zoomed in

Heating Film is a superior and advanced heating material for creating invisible floor- and ceiling heating systems.

Carbon heating element (Electric conductor) and silver paste are printed on PET film of insulation and flame-retardant material, which is to be combined with Laminex Film after making an electrode of copper foil.

Carbon emits heat, far-infrared ray and anion by using an electric resistance. HOT-Film, based on far-infrared radiant heat, gives a longer heating effect than other heating systems. Far-infrared ray and anion are known to effectively suppress odors and growth of germs and boost the metabolism of the human body, not to mention providing a healthier environment.

Heating Film Stucture

heating film structure

Why to choose underfloor heating system based on carbon heating film?

How to install Heating film?

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